Seattle Ukulele Players Association
Seattle Ukulele Players

Seattle Ukulele Players Association (SUPA) is a Washington nonprofit corporation founded in 2003 to promote fellowship, entertainment, performance and education among ukulele enthusiasts in the Puget Sound region.

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SUPA Sundays from October through May

Your new leadership (Irene, Melissa, Angela, Win, and Carel) have SUPA Sundays planned from October through May of each year. This skips the summer months (June & July), leaves open the informal picnic in August on Mercer Island, and skips September since that's traditionally the Live Aloha Festival. Upcoming dates include:

Community Calendar

Below is a calendar of upcoming events in the Puget Sound region: SUPA song circles, events, and sponsored workshops, ukulele-related events and happenings, and workshops and classes. Click on an event for more details or information.

Please note: All non-SUPA events are reported to us by those groups, and we rely on them to provide us updates. However, always verify with that group if the event is current or has been canceled.