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SUPA November 2023 - We're back!
SUPA October 2018 - Three Corners Workshop with John Leder, Susan Howell, and Gregg Porter
SUPA at Live Aloha Festival, September 2018
SUPA Picnic, August 2018
SUPA July 2018 - Neal Chin Workshop
SUPA June 2018 - Sunga Rose Workshop
SUPA at Northwest Folklife Festival - Travelin' Tunes
SUPA April 2018
SUPA March 2018 - Open Mic, Swap Meet, and Ukulele Song Circle
SUPA February 2018 - Jere Canote Workshop and Ukulele Song Circle
SUPA January 2018 - SUPA 15th Anniversary & Ukulele Song Circle
SUPA December 2017 - Holiday Potluck, Open Mic, and Ukulele Song Circle
SUPA November 2017
SUPA October 2017 - Arden Fujiwara Workshop
SUPA at Live Aloha, September 2017
SUPA August 2017 - Picnic
SUPA July 2017 - Neal Chin Workshop
SUPA June 2017 - Matt Dahlberg Workshop
SUPA at Northwest Folklife Festival 2017 - Neil Diamond
SUPA May 2017
SUPA April 2017
SUPA March 2017 - Open Mic and Swapmeet
SUPA February 2017 - Neal Chin Workshop
SUPA January 2017
SUPA on the AFECT Ferry Cruise 2016
SUPA at the Green Lake Pathway of Lights 2016
SUPA December 2016 - Holiday Potluck Extravaganza!
SUPA November 2016 - The Castaways Workshop
SUPA October 2016 - Arden Fujiwara Workshop
SUPA at Live Aloha, September 2016
SUPA August Picnic 2016
SUPA July 2016 - Four Corners Workshop
SUPA June 2016
SUPA May 2016
SUPA April 2016
SUPA March 2016 - Open Mic and Swap Meet
SUPA February 2016 - Matt Dahlberg Workshop
SUPA January 2016
SUPA December 2015 - Holiday Potluck, Open Mic, and Ukulele Song Circle
SUPA on the AFECT Ferry Cruise 2015
SUPA at Green Lake Pathway of Lights 2015
SUPA November 2015
SUPA October 2015 - Jim D'Ville Workshop
SUPA at Live Aloha 2015
SUPA August Picnic 2015
SUPA at Bramblefest on Vashon 2015
SUPA July 2015
SUPA June 2015 - Four Corners Workshop
SUPA at Northwest Folklife 2015 - One Hit Wonders
SUPA Folklife Rehearsal 2015
Photos from Previous Years: 2003 2004
2007 Events 2007 Song Circles
Picnic 2007
August picnic at Woodland Park with food, entertainment, and open mic.
Solstice 2007
Rubber duckies and bathrobes in the Solstice Parade.
Northwest Folklife
Northwest Folklife Festival performance in the Intiman Theater.
March Mid-Month Fun
Get together for fun and recording.
July 2007
Song circle and workshop led by John L.
April 2007
Song circle and workshop with Pekelo.
February 2007
Song circle and workshop with Del Ray.
2006 Events 2006 Song Circles
Greenlake Pathway of Lights
December 9, 2006 - Performing holiday tunes for passersby at the annual Pathway of Lights festival. Brief TV appearance, too (YouTube Link).
November Mid-Month
November 19, 2006 - Hosted by Win, we recorded the SUPA holiday album, and ate lots of food.
October Mid-Month
October 15, 2006 - Continuing the mid-month song circles, Carel hosted a recording session.
Mariner's Hawaii Night
September 25 - SUPA takes the crowd out to the ball game for the Mariner's Hawaii Night.
Uke Day on Vashon
September 23 - Cath hosted her annual uke day on Vashon with lots of food, fun, and music.
Seafaring Days
September 23, 2006 - Aaaargh! SUPA helped to start Seafaring Family Fun Days on South Lake Union.
Portland Ukefest
June 2006 - A variety of pictures and performances from the Portland Ukefest, attended by several SUPA members.
Solstice Parade
June 17, 2006 - We're Back in the Saddle Again while ridin' the open prairies of Fremont in the annual Solstice parade.
Foklife 2006
May 28, 2006 - Hana Hou! Ukulele Show! at the 2006 Northwest Folklife Festival.
April 29, 2006 - Gregg Porter peforms 'Ulupalakua at the Country Village in Bothell. (2.1MB movie)
Country Village
April 29, 2006 - Ukulele performance at the Country Village in Bothell for Ante Nani's Li'l Grass Shack - rain, cold, but excellent malasadas!
December 2006
December 3, 2006 - Annual Holiday Potluck song circle at West Seattle with open mic.
November 2006
November 5, 2006 - Workshop by Jere Canote and song circle at Ballard.
October 2006
October 1 - Lively workshop with Jim D'Ville and song circle in West Seattle.
September 2006
September 10 - Song circle in Ballard with a workshop presented by John Leder.
August 2006
August 6 - The annual SUPA picnic at Woodland Park with lots of fun, open mic, and food.
July 2006
July 2, 2006 - Song circle at Dusty Strings are part of their UkeFest 2006.
June 2006
June 4, 2006 - Song circle with some lots of member participation and leading.
Quicktime movies available of Where or When with Susan and John leading and Mr. Sandman with a view around-the-room.
May 2006
May 7, 2006 - Song circle with a bit of a cowpoke twist.
April 2006
April 2, 2006 - Song circle and workshop with Howlin' Hobbit. Special guest visit by David Kamakahi.
March 2006
March 5, 2006 - Song circle in the newly renovated West Seattle senior center. Annual swap meet and flea market.
February 2006
February 5, 2006 - Pekelo's pickin' workshop and song circle. Special visit and interviews with Bill and Gloria for their Hawaiian television program.
January 2006
January 8, 2006 - Workshop with Gregg & Rod helping with our Hawaiian pronounciation. Song circle fun.
2005 Events 2005 Song Circles
Pathway of Lights
December 10, 2005 - SUPA performs at the Green Lake Pathway of Lights Festival to a rousing, cold crowd of holiday merry-makers.
Austrian Celebration
October 23, 2005 - SUPA performs in the spirit of intercultural friendship at the Austrian-American Day and Austrian National Day celebration sponsored by the Austrian-American Council and the Austria Club of Washington.
Jake Shimakuburo Concert
September 29, 2005 - Several SUPA members visit with Jake Shimakuburo after the concert.
Bumbershoot 2005
September 4, 2005 - SUPA backstage for the Volcano Stage at Bumbershoot. 15 minutes of fame, and lots and lots of rain. More pics.
Bumbershoot 2005 - Rehearsal
September 3, 2005 - Music rehearsal and run-through in Shoreline for our Lava Lagoon performance at Bumbershoot. More Pics.
Queen Anne Uptown Stroll
August 27, 2005 - SUPA performs for Lower Queen Anne's Uptown Stroll arts festival.
Whidbey Tilth Farmers Market
August 13, 2005 - SUPA performs at the Whidbey Island Tilth Farmers Market with Fran doing lots of hula.
Day Out with Thomas the Tank Engine
July 16, 2005 - SUPA makes its annual appearance at the Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie for the Day Out with Thomas the Tank Engine.
Solstice Parade
June 18, 2005 - Annual solstice parade in Fremont with our volcano float - singing Jimmy Buffet's Volcano over, and over, and over, and over. More pics: Linda, Hanscom
Kona Kitchen
June 5, 2005 - SUPA was invited to participate as the "break music" for a bone marrow benefit.
Northwest Folklife Jam
May 29, 2005 - Ukulele Jam Session on the McCaw Promenade.
Northwest Folklife
May 29, 2005 - Ukulele Extravaganza at the Northwest Folklife Festival featuring Rod Lopez Sr., Kimball Elementary Ukulele Ensemble, and the Seattle Ukulele Players Association. More Pics: Pam's, Gregg's.
Edmonds in Bloom
April 30, 2005 - Edmonds in Bloom Festival performance by SUPA troopers.
Sacred Heart Church
February 5, 2005 - SUPA performed their ukulele magic for the Sacred Heart Parish in Bellevue for their annual dinner. This year's theme: luau, of course!.
St. Demetrios Benefit
January 29, 2005 - SUPA was the entertainment for St. Demetrios' benefit luau supporting the All Saints Camp & Retreat Center.
December 2005
December 4, 2005 - SUPA's annual holiday potluck and open mic. Tons of food, lots of fellowship, and great 'uke playing!
November 2005
November 6, 2005 - SUPA song circle with Gregg Porter doing a workshop on several Hawaiian songs and pronunciation.
October 2005
October 2, 2005 - SUPA song circle and workshop with Uncle Ben & Marge Hunt teaching Hawaiian tunes, strumming, and pronunciation.
September 2005
September 11, 2005 - SUPA song circle with John & Rod conducting a workshop. Several open mic opportunities, and a fond farewell to Charlie as he returns to France.
August 2005
August 7, 2005 - Ukuleles in the Park. SUPA picnic at Woodland Park complete with entertainment, open mic, song circle, and barbecue. More pics.
July 2005
July 10, 2005 - SUPA song circle with Rodney Lopez conducting a workshop on unique ukulele stylings.
June 2005
June 5, 2005 - SUPA song circle with special guest Jim D'Ville conducting his Natural Way workshop at Dusty Strings.
May 2005
May 15, 2005 - Rehearsal for our Northwest Folklife Festival performance.
May 2005
May 1, 2005 - SUPA workshop with John Leder and Gregg Porter teaching us a little bit of Hawaiian pronounciation. Song Circle with special performances.
April 2005
April 4, 2005 - SUPA workshop, led by John Leder and Uncle Rod, and song circle. Special hula by Gregg "Birthday Boy" Porter.
March 2005
March 6, 2005 - SUPA song circle with a swap-meet and social hour beforehand. Special performance and hula by Rodney and Susan Lopez.
February 2005
February 6, 2004 - Our new home at the Ballard Senior Center. Ukulele workshop was provided by Jere & Greg Canote who also showed their talents in a special concert for us.
January 2005
January 9, 2005 - SUPA song circle held at Dusty Strings celebrating our 2nd anniversary.