Seattle Ukulele Players Association

SUPA at the Live Aloha Cultural Festival


Our show is scheduled for the Mural Stage, 3:15 - 4:00 pm, on Sunday 9/8/19.

We have a 45 minute set, so be sure to download the songs and rehearse.

Dress Hawaiian-style, however you interpret that. Please show up at the dressing rooms behind the Mural stage no later than 2:45. Hopefully, we'll also have some dancers for some of our songs!

IMORTANT! Liability Waivers

Beginning this year, the Live Aloha Festival is requiring every individual performer to sign a release form, prior to appearing at the event; without this release, they may choose to not let you backstage or on stage to perform.

Please do the following THREE (3) THINGS prior to August 20, 2019.

  1. Download the liability waiver (your choice: Waiver-Microsoft Word Doc, or Waiver-PDF), and sign the document. We assume that you can sign the document electronically (i.e., without printing it out); just write "electronic signature" next to your name.
  2. Email it to Arden Fujiwara before August 20 at You are welcome to take a picture of the documents with your phone camera (if you printed it out and signed it the old fashioned way!) and send those images to Arden.
  3. Send Gregg Porter a message at to let him know that you have done so; he's keeping track of the participants.

If you cannot do this in advance, Arden says there should be a limited number of blank forms at the event. At least be sure to send a note to Gregg Porter to let him know you are coming. However, this is a LAST option, not an "okay, I'll just send Gregg a note" option! Live Aloha needs the waivers in advance. Remember, this is how you can get backstage and on stage.

Thank you for helping us to comply with Live Aloha's requirements this year.

Song List and set for 2019

Below is a listing of the songs for our set (which we rehearsed at the August picnic). These have been put together into one PDF for your convenience: LiveAloha-2019.pdf

  1. Ukulele Lady
  2. Sophisticated Hula
  3. Lovely Hula Hands
  4. E huli Makou
  5. Honolulu Baby
  6. Hanalei Moon
  7. My Own Iona
  8. Wahine 'Ilikea
  9. My Little Grass Shack
  10. Pua Mana
  11. My Waikiki Girl
  12. 'Ulupalakua
  13. West Seattle Girls