Seattle Ukulele Players Association

About SUPA


Seattle Ukulele Players Association (SUPA) is a Washington nonprofit corporation founded in 2003 to promote fellowship, entertainment, performance and education among ukulele enthusiasts in the Puget Sound region.

Contact & Feedback:

For general information about SUPA, contact Angela Dougherty,

If you have any feedback or comments that you would like to share about SUPA, song circles, music, Web site, or anything else, also please contact Angela Dougherty at

Mailing lists, Forums, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Our Facebook page announces events and activities of SUPA. This Facebook group is for SUPA members to post events and activities of interest to other SUPA members to create a lively community.

You can follow our Twitter feed for news and announcements about events. @SeattleUkulele

Ukulele Song Circles

Monthly, indoor SUPA Song Circles -- Cancelled until further notice.

We regret to inform you that we must cancel all regular, indoor SUPA ukulele song circles until further notice. There's still a virus out there, and indoor gatherings are not advised.


We'll begin with a Song Circle Style where each person will have the chance to pick a song for the group, perform a song solo, or pass. The setting is very informal with no commitment required - just bring your ukulele (only, please!) and join us at our ukulele song circles.


We currently use two songbooks, the 2010 "green" book and the 2005-2007 "red" book. These books are available by electronic download, and you can request the link by attending a SUPA ukulele song circle meeting, only. We do not provide this link via email.

If you would like to introduce a new song to SUPA at a ukulele song circle, please bring a minimum of 60 copies.


The ukulele is a versatile instrument, and all types and styles of music are welcomed -- from American classics to Hawaiian hula to George Formby.


None required! All levels are welcomed, from beginners to professionals. If you don't know the chords...just sing louder! According to Jumpin' Jim Beloff, when a room full of 'ukulele players of all levels of experience join together to play a song, you can expect a combination of well-measured chords along with off-key hacks, perflectly tuned ukes along with poorly tuned instruments, and vintage Kamakas along with $20 eBay specials. Somehow, this collection of sounds will always result in beautiful music -- which is part of the magic of the 'ukulele.


$4 each session. This covers facilities rental. Special Guest workshops are between $10-$15 which includes the workshop and ukulele song circle.


We have a small group of moderators and music leaders to kick off each song circle and are always looking for more. If interested, please contact one of the members at the ukulele song circle.


See you soon at the next Ukulele Song Circle!

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