Seattle Ukulele Players Association
Seattle Ukulele Players

Seattle Ukulele Players Association (SUPA) is a Washington nonprofit corporation founded in 2003 to promote fellowship, entertainment, performance and education among ukulele enthusiasts in the Puget Sound region.

Come join us!

Highly Unofficial SUPA Summer Picnic - Sunday, August 13, 2023

It's been a while! Let's catch up, share snacks, sing songs, applaud open mic, you know the drill. Absolutely everyone is welcome.

Bring: A chair, snacks to share, sunscreen, something to drink (booze is not allowed in the parks, FYI), that song you've been working on, your underloved songbook, a friend... all the things. Your uke, of course.

When: Sunday, August 13, 2023, starting at 10:00am (for donuts)

Where: Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island. We meet at the amphitheater or nearby -- follow the signs for the dog park. Parking can get tricky later in the day, especially if the weather is nice. There's a lower lot and one up top where you'll have to hoof it down. The weather can be wildly unpredictable but unless it's pouring, (or heaven help us, wildfire season) we're on. Mark your calendars!

Community Calendar

Below is a calendar of upcoming events in the Puget Sound region: SUPA song circles, events, and sponsored workshops, ukulele-related events and happenings, and workshops and classes. Click on an event for more details or information.

Please note: All non-SUPA events are reported to us by those groups, and we rely on them to provide us updates. However, always verify with that group if the event is current or has been canceled.

COVID-19 notice: Please contact the group, directly, as to whether they are continuing to meet under Washington's Stay Safe, Stay Home policy or the Safe Start approcha to reopening.

The Future of SUPA

Okay. Now. We know. It's been a long two-and-a-half years of wondering what's next. The ongoing pandemic (it ain't over, it's just changed) has turned everything upside, not just for SUPA, but for the board (Carel, Pam, Angela) as individuals.

We've got different priorities than we had pre-pandemic. None of us have space to do the work to manage SUPA: the hall reservations, the songbooks, the banking, the contracts, the stuff that's made SUPA go. As we cautiously emerge from our Covid isolation, we've noticed other groups picking up what we've put down -- ESUPA, WSUP, Ukulele Ohana, Sunga's group, Eastside Ukulele, STRUM, and more. There's a place for you.

What's this mean for SUPA?

It means we will no longer host monthly song circles or pursue performance opportunities. We're not closing it out entirely, but we won't exist as we have for the past 19 (!!!) years. We may, from time to time, have a picnic or other social event. We will leave the Facebook page open as a place to share activities of interest to our local membership, as well as retain our website ( as a repository for calendar events, historical photos, and member music.

SUPA will continue to exist, but as a social club, not as a regularly scheduled event.

Founded in 2003, SUPA has been a rousing success. We've seen beginners progress to performers, new groups appear around Puget Sound, we've been on dozens of stages, seen the shyest of players step up to open mic. It's been a supportive and wildly entertaining project. We have welcomed players from all sorts of backgrounds. We are, of course, saddened at what the pandemic took from us (including some beloved community members), but we're also delighted by our longevity, our performance resume, and our enduring friendships.

We encourage everyone to join an existing group, start your own song circle, find a band, pursue those open mic dreams. We're grateful to have been part of your journey as a ukulele player.

Carel | Pam | Angela

FAQ 1: But the festival stages!

Answer: Festival applications are open to all. If you want to perform, gather your act and put in an application. Individuals may wish to put together a group (either by open call or personal selection) but SUPA will no longer seek performance opportunities as an entity. We will no longer organize rehearsals, arrange playlists, or designate leaders for performances.

FAQ 2: No events at all?

Answer: Not as previously arranged. The board will remain intact and we may decide it would be fun to have a summer picnic or winter party and we may use the SUPA framework to organize those things. But anything requiring more than "show up with a songbook" is off the table.